Returning secondary teachers should have their Non- EU teaching experience recognised

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At present, in Ireland, secondary teachers returning from non-EU countries such as the UAE or Australia are not given recognition for their overseas teaching experience in their pay scales. Many teachers forced to emigrate during the recession, to avoid wasting their university education, are being told they will have to begin their careers as graduates, once again at the bottom of the scale. Furthermore, after a recent post on Voice for Teachers, seeking the experience of returning teachers, it became apparent that there is much confusion and misinformation regarding this situation which appears not to be supported by an official policy. This gross unfairness is further compounded by the fact our primary school colleagues do not face such disgusting inequity (and rightly so). Due to an agreement made with religious orders many years ago their experience (both EU and non-EU) is acknowledged upon returning to Ireland. When this issue was raised with Minister Bruton he queried whether this affects a lot of people. I am asking you to sign this petition to voice our outrage and disgust. To those of you who stayed in Ireland during the recession I am asking you to please sign this petition in solidarity with your returning colleagues. In the past 7 years since I qualified I have watched Irish teachers belittled and undervalued by our government. We have been made to feel like whiners who need to get on with their lot as resources are continually depleted. I myself was forced to leave Ireland 6 1/2 years ago as I could not secure stable employment, it was always my intention to return having gained valuable experience overseas. Many have worked hard abroad to gain experience in the hope of gaining employment back home- in what other industry would years of experience be written off? This must be the last straw. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!