Returning old YouTube's policies

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Jörg Spraves SHORT STORY:  YouTube now messes with the content of videos that are within their rules. That never happened before. The consequences are grave.Massive demonetization. Bots given power over humans – bots demonetize, bots delete, bots issue strikes, bots even ban YouTube partners. Kicking out all of the small YouTubers. Taking away parts or even all of the income from long term partners and giving all of the cash to the content YouTube, not the audience, likes. Censoring by uneven distribution of funds. Discrimination, by categorizing completely different videos into the same group. Total intransparency. Sudden change of rules and values. “Community Guidelines” that are softer than a sponge and more elastic than rubber. In short: The adpocalypse. This has to end, for the benefit of the whole phenomena that we call YouTube.

MY MESSAGE: I want to thank everybody for singing this petition!

SOLUTION: Simply bring back the old Youtube as we know it!