Return Zeyad Ahmad to his father

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Saleem Ahmad and Lena Thibeh were married on June 4, 2011 and had one child together, Zeyad Ahmad.

Throughout their marriage, Lena supported and was passionate about a holistic Islamic lifestyle and documented how pleased she was with Saleem as a husband and father.

Over time, Lena became disillusioned and made increasingly unreasonable financial and lifestyle demands, which Saleem was unable to keep up with.

On November 3, 2014 Lena took Zeyad from their home along with all their possessions and cut off communication entirely with Saleem.

Lena has demanded dowry, child support, spousal support, and sole custody, with Saleem’s access to Zeyad at her discretion.

Saleem has put his career on hold since then to deal with the court process and attempt to spend as much time with Zeyad as possible.

After leaving, Lena has made many false allegations against Saleem, such as physical abuse, being in polygamous relationships, supporting ISIS, and trying to brainwash Zeyad.

Lena has made similar allegations of physical abuse about her ex-boyfriend, Craig Bongelli.  She later admitted she fabricated these allegations and believed them to be true as a coping mechanism for dealing with the failed relationship.

Lena has openly stated she is no longer Muslim, and currently lives with her Jamaican boyfriend, Shemora Davy.

Lena has told Zeyad he is Afro-Palestian, his last name is Davy, and that Shemora is his dad.

Lena repeatedly tells Zeyad that he’s not Muslim, and takes Zeyad to church regularly.

Lena has admitted to smoking marijuana regularly and Zeyad’s hair and clothes often smell like smoke.

Lena claims she is from the LGBT community and wants to raise Zeyad as gender neutral.

Lena has claimed to suffer from mental illness and jinn possession as explanation for her behavior.

Lena receives financial aid for legal costs due to her claim of physical abuse and is represented by her lawyer, Gloria Ichim, who claims to be a Muslim convert.

On March 14, 2017, Lena and her lawyer submitted a false affidavit to the court stating Saleem attempted to kidnap Zeyad from his daycare at MAC Maple Grove School, and was able to obtain a temporary order for sole custody and primary residency of Zeyad.

MAC Principal Rania Lawendy wrote a letter outright refuting this claim.  When Saleem visited Gloria’s office to show her the letter, Gloria began swearing at him and kicked him out of the office in front of her coworkers.

Following this event, Lena and Gloria continue to commit perjury by submitting this fabricated kidnapping allegation in sworn affidavits to the court.

Lena now accuses Sr. Rania of conspiring against her, and claims she was a victim of racism at Zeyad’s school.

Lena is documented insisting one of her friends write a letter for the court stating Saleem promoted ISIS during Friday prayer sermons, despite being told there was no evidence of him doing so. After being turned down, Lena eventually cut off contact with her friend and accused them of harassing and spying on her.

On March 9, 2017, Saleem was able to obtain a court order to see Zeyad on every alternate weekend and Wednesday evenings.  However, Lena selectively applies the schedule as it suits her and reduces time at her discretion.

Lena has told Saleem that she has no intention of abiding by the court order and there are no repercussions should she choose not to.

Saleem is still subject to Lena’s verbal abuse at pickups and dropoffs.  Lena continues to make false allegations against Saleem and threatens to eliminate access entirely if he does not comply with her wishes.

The trial process through court is lengthy, expensive, and has yet to produce any significant results.

For over 3 years, all methods of negotiation and mediation with Lena have been exhausted.  Saleem has had to bear the entire debt from their marriage and continues to incur large legal expenses defending against Lena’s false allegations in an effort to simply to be a part of Zeyad's life.

Lena’s father, Hasan Thibeh, has refused Sheikh Kishki’s requests for a meeting to finalize the Islamic divorce.

Lena has reneged on all parenting arrangements that her and Saleem had agreed on before Zeyad’s birth.

Lena and her lawyer continue to limit Saleem’s access to Zeyad as much as possible, attempting to establish a status quo that would exclude Saleem from his life.

Lena lives in a house owned by her father, and is financially supported by her boyfriend.  Lena acts with total impunity and is able to do so because of the ongoing support she receives from her family and boyfriend.  It appears she has kept the court documents from her family, and has only told them her side of the story.

Lena appears to possess extreme narcissistic traits and has no respect for the law or the rights of anyone other than herself.  She constantly rotates her roster of friends and disavows anyone who holds a different opinion than her.

We believe until Lena seeks professional help for her behaviour, that she will continue her pattern of victimization, manipulation and emotional blackmail with family, friends, future partners, and eventually Zeyad.  If left to continue, we fear Zeyad will ultimately pay the price for her actions as she has shown an inability to make sound decisions for herself, let alone a young child.

We demand that:

  1. Lena’s father, Hasan Thibeh, meet with Sheikh Kishki and Saleem to finalize the Islamic divorce.
  2. Saleem retain residency and custody of Zeyad and have the legal right to make all decisions for Zeyad regarding religion, education, diet, and upbringing, free of interference from Lena.
  3. Lena retract all false allegations she has made against Saleem, return his property and any dowry paid, and reimburse Saleem for legal fees incurred for court proceedings.

Action Items:
You may wish to write directly to the following parties to share your opinion about this case and encourage them to bring this matter to a speedy resolution.

  • Hasan Thibeh, Lena's father (
  • Shemora Davy, Lena's boyfriend (
  • Ida Hasan, Lena's sister (
  • Nicholas Gehl ( partner at Gehl&Gehl who witnessed Gloria’s verbal abuse to Saleem.  Let him know that this professional misconducted will not be tolerated and if all of Gloria’s false statements are not retracted, we will file a formal complaint with the Law Society of Ontario.

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