Return the Paddock Field in Knowle Lane Cranleigh back to the community.

Return the Paddock Field in Knowle Lane Cranleigh back to the community.

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Cranleigh Village Health Trust (CVHT)

Why this petition matters

Started by Andy Webb

By signing this petition we are requesting that CVHT return the Paddock Field in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh back to the community. 

This is one of the last green spaces in the centre of Cranleigh and is an Area of Strategic Visual Importance (ASVI) and should be kept as such. The land is owned by the Cranleigh Village Health Trust charity (CVHT).

In 2001 The Paddock Field was exchanged for the Bruce McKenzie field and the sum of £1 on the understanding that a new hospital and health facilities were built on the Paddock Field. The CVHT raised £1.8m from public donations for this purpose. When the new hospital was no longer a viable option the plans morphed into a planning application for a private care home with so called “community beds” and accommodation block. These plans have now been refused twice. 

The CVHT are now in talks with Cranleigh Parish Council and Waverley Borough Council about the future use of the land. Discussions are about using the land under the  One Public Estate scheme, this could mean that the land may be built on in the future. 

There is a covenant on the land that states that the Paddock Field has to be used for something that is beneficial to the community.

What could be more beneficial to the residents of Cranleigh than a green space with seating areas and planted with native hedges, trees and wild flowers for the wildlife and community to enjoy?


more information about the CVHT and the land swap can be found here. 

420 have signed. Let’s get to 500!