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Lies, Lies and more Lies

Steve Mack
Los Angrles, CA

Aug 8, 2015 — After 4 1/2 long months, I was finally contacted by Wright Finlay & Zak, the law firm that reportedly has the surplus funds from the sale of my home.

According to the California State Assembly attorneys who are trying to help me, Wells Fargo hired Cal-Western Reconveyance to foreclose on my home, but they filed bankruptcy, closed their doors, and went out of business, weeks BEFORE they foreclosed and kept the money I am owed from the sale for themselves. The law firm, Wright, Finlay & Zak has now taken over Cal-Western.

Wells Fargo was covering up for Cal-Western while they went out of business and disappeared, which is why Wells Fargo repeatedly went out of their way not to give me any information on how to contact them. It's also why now, when I call Wells Fargo, they play a recording into the phone, telling me that they cannot speak to me and then advise me to contact their attorney.
Banks don't usually refer you to their attorney, unless they've done something wrong, which is why it's more important now than ever, to keep this petition circulating.

Wright, Finlay & Zak have decided that backpedaling is the right course of action now, starting with lying about not having any contact information for me and telling me that it will take several more weeks to review my file, before they can even send me a claim form. What were they doing for the last 4-months?

The following, is an email that I sent to Kelly at Wright, Finlay & Zak, after our phone conversation on Monday, during which she repeatedly lied to me, and accused my mother of giving her the wrong email address for me. A record of that conversation is at:

No apology necessary Kelly, and thank you for forwarding a copy of that July 30, email to me.

I'm not sure you were informed, but I am terminally ill with a very short amount of time left, which is why I would like to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible. That being the case, there are many people who have been less than truthful or honest with me throughout this process, and I just like to keep track of who those people are, particularly given the status of Cal-Western Reconveyance, and the fact that for 4-months Wells Fargo went out other way to keep that information from me.

During our phone conversation on Monday, you told me that you contacted my mother because you had no contact information for me, yet according to the state's attorney's who are helping me through this, they provided my contact info weeks ago.

On July 30, you sent an email to an address you said my mother gave you, but according to my mother, you did not contact her until July 31.

There is also the question of how you were able to leave a voicemail message for me on July 28, when by your own admission, you didn't have any contact information for me before contacting my mother on July 31.

I know that the information you obtained as a result of the search you claimed to have done, came from Wells Fargo, because they are the only ones who had the phone number that you left that July 28, voicemail message on. That said, I can't imagine why Wells Fargo didn't provide you with any of the other current contact information they had for me, including the address of the Studio City branch office, which has been used as my mailing address and regularly checked, since June 22, 2015.

Thank you again for expediting the delivery of the funds that are due me, and for helping me to clear up these inconsistencies.

Steve Mack

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