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Return the cats Cat Rangers rescue has stolen from their legal owner.

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Cat Rangers rescue of Duluth, Georgia had illegal possesion of and refuses to return the personal cats belonging to their former foster, KC Day.

KC has fostered over 30 cats for Cat Rangers, a Georgia cat "rescue" beginning in April 2012.

KC filed a complaint, in November 2012, with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, against Cat Rangers for their failure to provide veterinary care, necessary medication and supplies for their sick fosters in her care, despite repeated requests of them to do so.

Many of the foster cats pulled by Cat Rangers from Bartow County Animal Control arrived at KC's home from Georgia shelters ill and contagious to the other cats.

KC reported the contagious illness to Dr.Martin with the University of Georgia Veterinary Department and her home was placed under quarantine on September 2, 2012.

In December 2012, KC was lied to and coerced by Cat Rangers to sign over the 17 remaining fosters and her own 10 personal cats, to them, due to a need for the cats to be held offsite in veterinary quarantine.

Papers were signed on December 18, 2012, by KC, Sparrow Marcioni, the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Athens Clarke Animal Control acknowledging that KC's personal cats were to be returned to her when the attending Veterinarian issued the cats a clean bill of health and Athens Clarke Animal Services gave permission for them to be returned.

The quarantine was lifted by the Veterinarian on January 28, 2013 and Athens Animal Control inspected her home and  issued written permission to return her personal cats on January 30, 2013.

Cat Rangers agreed the personal cats would be returned to KC by her submitting an adoption application, after the quarantine was lifted and her home cleared by Athens Animal Control.

Cat Rangers had sent emails out to other rescues asking them to help take all the cats, including KC's personal cats on December 16, 2012, showing they had no intention of honoring their signed agreement to return KC's personal cats.

This was a violation of the quarantine and against the Georgia Department of AG's regulations to move any cats while in quarantine.

Cat Rangers transfered ownership of KC's cats to Furkids rescue (see email in news section) on January 30, 2013 and indicated they be placed for public adoption,

KC was not sent an adoption application until February 3,2013.

This is pure and simple revenge on Cat Rangers part due to KC reporting them in violation to the Georgia Department of Agriculture in November 2012.

It is illegal, unprofessional and unethical to not return these cats to the rightful owner as per your own signed agreement.

These cats are also micro chipped to KC.


Return all these cats to the legal owner immediately.

Do cats and fosters a favor and make good on your comment to the Department of Agriculture and NOT continue rescuing.


Portion of Sparrow's email to the Georgia Department of Agriculture

"You already know that we will probably not be continuing to rescue because of the emotional stress and general ugliness that surrounds animal rescue, but that does not mean I will give up on helping animals.

I just hope to do so in a way that doesn't just empower the people who don't really know what it takes to rescue 1000 animals and to be responsible for their lives. "

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