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Outrageously, Nepali authorities have ignored repeated requests to return the body to the local Tibetan community for proper cremation rites and rituals. Buddhists consider the final ritual administered over a deceased person's body as a sacred and inviolable right.

China's long arm of oppression stretches deep into Nepal's government, and it goes without saying that Beijing is pressuring Kathmandu to destroy Drupchen's body in secret.

But Nepal is not China. It is a free and democratic country that should not surrender its domestic matters to China's dictates. Nepal should respect the religious freedom of its Buddhist minorities as well as the basic rights of its Tibetan refugees. However, without global pressure, Nepali authorities might succumb to China's pressure as they make a decision in a few days.

Letter to
Prime Minister Office, Governement of Nepal Baburam Bhattarai
Chief Justice of Nepal, Governement of Nepal Chief Justice of Nepal
Return the body of Tibetan self-immolator Drupchen Tsering
Dear Honorable Prime Minister,

I am writing to express my outrage and disappointment at the lack of concern your Government has shown in handling the body of the deceased Drupchen Tsering, 25, who self-immolated for Tibetan freedom on February 13, 2013 in Boudha, Nepal. It has been over 35 days since his demise and the authorities have ignored repeated requests to return the body to the local Tibetan community.

It is clear that there is strong Chinese interference in your domestic politics. The Nepalese government’s response to the self-immolation is eerily similar to China’s handling of the bodies of self-immolators inside Tibet, where the Chinese police bundle the body hurriedly and cremate it secretly. Relatives of the late Drupchen Tsering are living in anxiety due to the fear of being arrested if they should come forward to claim the body and yet are tormented by the inability to perform the final rites for the deceased in accordance with Buddhist tradition.

As the country of Buddha’s birthplace, we expect your government to understand how the final rites for a deceased person forms a central part of Buddhist tradition. We urgently request the Government of Nepal to return the body of Drupchen Tsering to the local Tibetan community so that final rites may be carried out without any delay in accordance with Buddhist and Himalayan custom.

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