ABC-Bring Rosanne Back to TV!

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As many of you know, "Rosanne" has been cancelled. Ms. Barr made a comment on the website Twitter that was inappropriate in which she acknowledged and apologized. This country doesn't need anymore division and Rosanne Barr was a voice of change. She also showed she is human and makes mistakes. She let people down and has been apologizing profusely since the comment.

What she said was wrong but she is now going to have to spend the rest of her life trying to shake the label as a "racist" in which, is worse than losing the show (sic). This begs the question should one mistake, one sentence, one comment, one lapse of judgement define someone's life? I am sure all of us regret making a remark once or twice and some of us have probably had severe repercussions for the remark. Imagine if one through, one moment, one show of human element ruined everything for yourself and others. 

This is a petition to give her another chance. This is a petition to let people of the world know what forgiveness is and what tolerance REALLY looks like. She is doing what many celebrities are fearful of doing after not thinking before they speak; she is publicly showing her remorse. 

It's time to end the hate and division. This is a chance for us ALL to love...