Boycott GOFUNDME​.​com

Boycott GOFUNDME​.​com

123 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
Kitty Kind started this petition to Return Money to the Truckers in Canada in protest of Covid-19 totalitarianism policies. and

“GoFundMe Charity gives nonprofits the option to raise money for specific campaigns…” (which they pick and choose) 

“We hope to become the largest enabler of donations for nonprofits and power payments for EVERY charity in the world.”

-Rob Solomon, GoFundMe CEO


Apparently, this testimony taken directly from the GOFUNDME website isn’t the case. Go Fund Me picks and chooses who is allowed to receive the money. They also decide to take the money and disperse it to the charities they wish- if they don’t agree with your views, angles, beliefs. 
They are ran by big government, big pharma, and big media. This is NOT a nonprofit organization. We need to BOYCOTT Go Fund Me. Use other avenues to donate to people who are standing up for a good cause. 
Also, do more research on the peaceful protest about the truckers. They are picking up trash, helping the neighbors along the roads. Do not believe the media. They are trying to portray them as causing chaos. 

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Sign this petition! We can only be silenced and deplatformed so long! Come together and stand up for our rights as humans! The government is taking away our freedom of speech, our freedom to gather, our right to choose, our constitutional rights! They are repressing information and pitting the civilians against each other using media outlets. They are silencing professionals, reporters, anyone speaking their minds about what is REALLY going on in this chaotic mess! 

123 have signed. Let’s get to 200!