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Return Community Start Up

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Those on Ontario Works, those on ODSP, those trying to start over, they need the Community Start Up program.

"One of the personal statements read to Mr. Bartolucci's office staff told how the CSUMB program helped a mother escape from an abusive relationship. Another recounted trying to put back together a life after hospitalization during which rent and bills fell two months behind and an eviction notice was served."

This is the statement from the McGuinty government page who state that  they will also take specific action beginning in 2012–13 to moderate growth in social assistance expense:

"The Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit and Home Repair Benefit will be removed from social assistance, with housing supports delivered as part of the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy. Providing low-income individuals and families with access to supports locally without having to be eligible for social assistance will contribute to a lower “welfare wall.” In addition, providing fewer benefits within social assistance will help simplify rules and support program integrity and long-term sustainability. The government is not proposing any increases to social assistance rates at this time."

While the homelessness grows in BC, we know it will grow in Ontario as well; with the added pressure, we can likely see families breaking up, going into CAS care because they can't afford to care for them, can't afford to get a fridge replaced, can't afford the hydro bill, people will stay in abusive relationships. It's so wrong. Why is it we can afford to shove them into institutions such as shelters and CAS care but then say that we can't afford the Start Up program? This is an essential service.

You don't have to be a person on ODSP or Ontario Works to sign the petition. Please share this link on your page, ask others to share it too. We need to be the voice for those that cannot voice themselves.

It is a crime to attack the most marginalized.  Those that struggle day to day, those with special needs, they don't see what is coming. Most can't afford the internet and a computers so that they too can raise their voices. Let us raise awareness for them.

Join me in raising this alarm, together let's tell McGuinty to stop attacking those who cannot defend themselves. Sign the Petition, Tell MCGuinty, save the Community Start Up.

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