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Petitioning Senior Vice President, VH1 Communications Brett Henne and 5 others

Return BlondeLinda & Drop Dead Jen to the BigAng Show: @VH1 & @jenngraziano

The show will not be the same without these 2 lovely ladies! Although I love BigAng and the rest of the cast and the newest members coming on, I will not watch without these 2 wonderful women that helped make the first season! Please join me in helping to get enough signatures to VH1 and to Jenn Graziano that we want Linda Torres and Jen Patafio back on the show! Let's make some noise and get VH1 and Jenn Graziano know how upset we really are about this! I personally will not watch it it they are not on it!

Please RT & RT @VH1 & @JennGraziano and spread the word!

TeamLinda all the way! :-)

Letter to
Senior Vice President, VH1 Communications Brett Henne
Vice President, VH1 Communications Scott Acord
Vice President, VH1 Communications Toni Herron Savage
and 3 others
Director Chris Delhomme
Senior Publicist, VH1 Communications
Senior Publicist, VH1 Communications Michael Cilnis
Return BlondeLinda (Linda Torres) & Drop Dead Jen (Jen Patafio) to the BigAng Show

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