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Return 11 Year Old Lois Parker to her mother

Judge Smith of Texas court #207 in San Marcos, Texas awarded 11 year old Lois Parker to her grandparents which creates a precedence in Texas family court that is very dangerous to mothers and children. The judge gave no reason for terminating La Vonne's parental rights. This means that any grandparent with enough money for a lawyer and is able to provide better than the mother or primary caregiver in the present circumstance can take custody of a grandchild.

According to Sec. 153.432 the grandparents have no right to have Lois. Their affadavit failed to demonstrate the necessary requirements therefore the case should be thrown out and Lois returned to her mother.

Even worse, in the state of Texas, a step grandparent has absolutely no standing. The grandfather is not biologically related to Lois Parker. A grandmother who, as a parent, has a history of horrific child negligence, also has no standing.

Lois was a happy, thriving child and now, over two weeks later she is frightened and depressed. She begs you to help her be returned to her mother. Lois and La Vonne are broken hearted. The two have an amazing relationship and love each moment they are together.

In the state of Texas the precedence for grandparents to be awarded grandchildren is only in extreme cases. Lois's grandparents have "failed to meet their statutory burden showing that the denial of access would significantly impair the child’s physical health and emotional development" as is the standard for grandparents in the state of Texas.

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