Petition Closed

This pet is friends pet and the police refuse to do anything about it. The cat was stolen from a lady's home and removed to the south side of buffalo. Witnesses have seen the cat there. Yet the police refuse to do anything about it because it is " just a cat ". No warrant, not even a police report filed.

No one is helping her get back the cat even though it has been spoted at the address given to the police. She has ownership papers of said cat. Cats and pets are like family.

Letter to
205 Ensminger Road Tonawanda, NY 14150 SPCA Serving Erie County
Retrieve stolen cat at known location

A cat was stolen from a home and its location found. The south side police station was contacted with the information of its location. Nothing was done by the police, not even a police report was filed.

We ask that the police investigate the stolen cat claim and file a police report and get a warrant to retrieve the cat, it was spotted at the address after the occupants lied to the police saying it had " ran away ".

Also asking the state assembly members and senate to inquire to the police department about this matter.

Also asking the erie county SPCA to investigate this matter, they refused thus far. The person who stole the animal has a history of abuse.

Stolen property is stolen property, and a pet is more then property. Something needs to be done about this.

This is in reference to file # 12-1960386 , which is the file number they gave to the 911 call to the south side police station.