Balance the Heroes and Generals Anti-Tank infantry equipment.

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We currently have a problem in Heroes and Generals where Anti-Tank equipment is far too easy to come by. It is cheap to buy and run and isn't that hard to acquire. Where as tanks are the opposite, expensive to buy, run and take a lot of time to acquire. All of the hard work is lost when a simple infantry man can drive up behind you, slap a few mines on and just be on his merry way destroying you. I am not asking for these to be removed, that would be unfair. I think that the equipment should be much harder to acquire and much more expensive to run. I think that it should be Nation specific so that you only get the equipment that your nation makes, so you don't get H3s as American or Soviet. This would make the Anti-tank equipment more of a 'just in case' kind of thing rather than a thing to use for specific purpose of driving around and destroying tanks.