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Does Google HATE Beagles?

White Coat Waste Project

Sep 13, 2021 — 

URGENT PETITION: End Big Tech Censorship of Fauci’s Beagle Abuse!

We need your help! We're being CENSORED by Google.

Sign Petition: End Big Tech Censorship!

On your behalf, we just attempted to place Google ads to educate taxpayers and Congress about Dr. Fauci’s sadistic beagle experiments.

Almost immediately — after first approving our online ads — Google took them down, suspended our account, and has refused to provide an explanation!

WE NEED YOUR HELP: We just started this petition to make Google run the ads, end “big tech” censorship, and stop covering up Fauci’s beagle abuse. Will you sign and share?

Sign Petition: Run the Ads!

We recently discovered that Dr. Fauci’s NIH department wasted $424,000 of your money on an experiment in which healthy beagles are EATEN ALIVE by sand flies.

This is the exact same hell hole where the puppies were “vocalizing in pain” during the experiments.

So why is Google covering up Fauci’s abuse? What don’t they want you to know?!?

At White Coat Waste Project, we believe taxpayers have a right to know who’s paying the bills… and who’s cashing the checks.

But unless you take immediate action and sign our new petition, these critical ads won't see the light of day.

Sign Petition: End Big Tech Censorship!

Google’s censorship is a MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM than you realize.

If we can’t expose Fauci’s beagle abuse, we can’t defund it.

F.E.D. — WCW’s winning campaign formula and “secret sauce” that’s saved so many lives — absolutely must be followed in a precise, 3-step order:

First, we find government waste. Then we expose it. Finally, we defund it.

  • It’s how we defunded the VA’s $7M Angel Dust experiments on primates. (You remember Dorothy’s lab, right?)
  • It’s how we defunded the USDA’s $22M Kitten Slaughterhouse. (That was Delilah’s lab: the biggest cat lab in the entire federal government!)
  • It’s how we defunded the Wuhan Animal Lab, too. (Yes, THAT one)

We have to go in order. Make sense?

But Google is the world’s top search engine. If Congress can’t even find the details about Fauci’s wasteful spending, then these sweet beagles will continue being bitten to death.

So, will you sign and share our new petition in the next 24 hours?


Mackie Burr
Director of Digital & Grassroots Development
White Coat Waste Project

P.S. SIGN/SHARE: Google’s motto is “don’t be evil.” Well, we think Fauci’s beagle experiments are evil! And Google is covering it up. So, if you agree that censorship is un-American — and evil! — please sign and share our new petition in the next 24 hours. Make your voice heard.

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