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Retire 46-year-old elephant Beulah after 19 years of exploitation

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I first saw Beulah the elephant on a trip to the New Jersey State Fair. Beulah was a part of a petting zoo where she was forced to give kids and teenagers rides. I watched as they kicked her and pulled on her ears. Beulah also looked to be overweight and unhealthy. Even after I left the fair, I couldn’t get the elephant out of my mind. I wanted to know more about where she lived and how she was being treated.

After doing research, I discovered that Beulah had been on the road for almost 20 years. She belongs to the Commerford and Sons Traveling Petting Zoo. The zoo has been cited by the US Department of Agriculture for mistreating and abusing their animals. They have been documented using bullhooks -- a device meant to inflict pain -- on elephants in their care and opposing legislation to ban their use.

A traveling petting zoo is no place for an intelligent animal like Beulah, let alone a traveling zoo with a long list of Animal Welfare Act violations. It is time they let Beulah retire and live out the rest of her life in an elephant sanctuary.

I started this petition in hopes of giving Beulah a better life. Together, we can make that happen. Thanks to public outcry, many elephants across the world have been freed from exploitation and given a better life. Big circuses like Barnum and Bailey have committed to stop using elephants in their show. We can do the same for Beulah. Help us convince Beulah’s owners to send her to an elephant sanctuary by signing and sharing the petition.

Here is documentation of abuses by the Commerford and Sons Traveling Petting Zoo:


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