Rethink Teville Gate / Station Square Development

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Rethink Teville Gate / Station Square Development

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Started by Steph Portal

Rethink Teville Gate/Station Square Development in Worthing

REF: AWDM/0325/19

The people of Worthing have been waiting a long time for firm plans to come forward for Teville Gate.” (Cllr Daniel Humphreys, Leader of Worthing Borough Council)

So what can local residents expect after such a long wait?

Our fears are that we can expect a high intensity development that prioritises the profits of the developer over the benefits to the local community.

The planning application is now in place and set to be decided on the 4th of March 2020 and we the undersigned object on the following grounds:

1. Building impact

A massive 77 metre, 22 storey tower block is to be constructed along side a 53 metre 14 storey building that is completely out of keeping with the local architecture and feel of the area.

It will subject residents living next to the development to a substantial loss of light and to be literally living in its shadow.

Teville gate House, (estimated height : 16m) will already cast a substantial shadow on all the properties, especially in winter.

2. Parking Issue

We can expect an extreme parking nightmare in the area affecting local residents ability to park in their own street and beyond.

- There are only 307 allocated parking spaces for the whole development : a 107 of these earmarked for use by the proposed supermarket, leaving just 200 for residents, visitors and staff of the development.

- There will be 378 residential units (to house a projected 1060 people), an 83 bedroom hotel and 183 full time staff. That leaves a potential deficit of 444 parking spaces.

- The problem is further compacted by the fact that Inland Revenue offices currently under construction will have 800 employees and only 10 parking spaces.

- That’s 1214 people with no allocated parking, not to mention people visiting residents of the development. Its would be foolish to presume all of them will cycle or take public transport.

Local residents will bear the brunt of any misjudgement regarding planned parking.

3. Local impact

It's a high intensity development and not enough attention has been paid to the potential impact the 1061 new residents will have upon local services (schools, GP and surgeries) or improvements/upgrades that may be required to public transport and utilities.

To have a look at the Planning application, follow this link :

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This petition had 327 supporters

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