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Retail employees and customers alike need to spend Thanksgiving with their families. There are 363 shopping days a year -- Let's keep it that way! 

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Black Friday has been a staple for the American consumer for years -- There is no need (other than financial) for retailers to encroach on the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what we have and remember those less-fortunate than ourselves. Turning that day into a retail shopping extravaganza is heresy.

Last year stores opened at 10PM -- This year the bar has been moved-back. We understand the intention is to eventually have all retail outlets open on Thanksgiving... and then what? Will Christmas be next? Are we really destined to wake-up on Thanksgiving morning at the crack of dawn, and rush to beat-out our neighbor for the best deals? Is that what Christmas will eventually become, kids running downstairs not to see what's under the tree, but to hop in the car and drive to Wal-Mart with the parents?

This is not OK. Let's stop it now, and come-up with a reasonable alternative. Online shopping is the new trend -- Why not emphasize shopping online instead of going into the stores?

Thank you.

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