Support Retailers and SAVE Australia's Small Business

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Every news media is warning us that Amazon is coming to Australia. Retail sector will die. Amazon has recently purchased Grocery giant in America. Amazon may open up giant Supermarket in Australia. American economy is so huge compared to Australia. Things may be expensive in Australia and cheaper in America but they have population of 325 million compared to Australia's population of 23 million. Some of us may say that things will be cheaper in Australia when Amazon opens its doors but who knows the scene may be different. Things may be cheaper but not many of us will have Job or money to buy those cheaper items listed on Amazon. There is a huge threat to Australia’s Small Local Businesses who are surviving on small margin and at the same time contributing to local economy and offering local jobs. Therefore I decided to start petition on supporting each and every retail local small business in Australia. Small businesses are important pillars of any local economy, providing jobs, lively community, offering social interactions and teaching us most important skills of our life such as customer service, smile to our customers and be expert in selling your products. Retail sector in Australia creates so many jobs for our young Australians students and retirees who would like to continue working locally and keep themselves busy and earn income. 

Today I am asking question to ALL Australian's of the consequences as a result of Amazon coming to Australia and its impact to Australia's Retail Sector.

To my understanding, once Amazon has arrived in Australia;

- Retail shops, small business will struggle to keep their door open

- Eventually they will be closed down, leaving empty shops everywhere – loss of jobs

- Retail shop investment will slowdown – loss of investment

- Investors may go broke

- Shopping centres may close down – loss of local livelihood

- Struggling Australian Economy with vanishing retail sector where manufacturing is already dead.

- Not much left for our young Australians where they can work and gain experience or something they can look up to and embark on their future journey

On top of the above, Amazon being American company, income may be diverted back to America. This is like inviting outsiders to conduct business in Australia and pressurize our own Local small businesses and eventually force them to closed down. 

Why are we not thinking smart? Why are we not restricting such companies from operating in Australia? Why are we not asking these companies to invest in local economy? If we are allowing them to operate in Australia and pressurising Local Small Business of Australia then what are the commitment we are asking from such companies so our local small business can survive and be able to support their family and have meaningful life?

I know many will say that any small business can advertise or sell online through Amazon and keep trading, yes but what about those Jobs that these small local businesses offer at their shops? What about our local lively streets? What about social interactions that happens at every local retail shops? What about giving jobs to our young Australians in retails shops?

Now is the chance!!! I believe that every Australian should stand up and do something about it so that our Retail shops and Small Local Business can thrive and contribute to our local economy compared to these giant companies whose main focus is REVENUE and diverting profit back to America with no benefits to Local Australians.