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Label products that are “Made in the USA” predominately in their stores

I believe most, if not all, Americans want to buy “Made in the USA” products whenever possible. However, with our busy lives it isn’t always convenient to check every label of every product you want to buy. If retail stores begin to label American made products in a way that makes them easy to identify, perhaps with a special sticker on the item or a special label on the shelf, it will help make it easier for Americans to purchase our own products instead of something imported which could help increase sales of American made products.
Please do not confuse “Distributed in the USA” with “Made in the USA”. To me “Distributed By” only means a company purchased the product from overseas and put their label on it. It doesn’t mean it was “Made in the USA”. If a product is made here than the label should read “Made in the USA”; it should not read “Distributed By”.

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