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Retail Association of Massachusetts (RAM) President Jon Hurst: Keep Thanks in Thanksgiving in MA: Extend Blue Law Holidays past midnight

Most Massachusetts workers are protected by Blue Laws for the legal hours of Thanksgiving (12am to 12am), but by 1a.m. Thanksgiving night (Black Friday), many of them are up for grabs by their employers, and will be required to get up and go to work to supposedly satisfy the masses piling up at retailers' doors. It does not matter whether they are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, single and alone without families, or homeless. Whoever they are, all of these people deserve a chance to celebrate our one remaining holiday that is not about shopping. It's about giving thanks for what we have and what we can share and what we can give others. Let's take a stand Massachusetts and lead by example, as we've done so many times before. Let's be kind to our fellow New Englanders, and while we're sleeping in our bed, let our fellow retail workers do the same -- and sleep through the holiday night, watch the game, wash their own dishes, and share time with families and loved ones, or just get some rest before the next day sets off our annual shopping frenzy. RAM people, please stop talking about extending or 'revisiting' the Blue Laws here and set the tone for the rest of the nation, and instead extend them--or one day out of the year that all of us can share. Do that, and we'll thank you by showing up at your doors at reasonable hours, when you're all rested and happy to see us.

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