resuscitation of the dead TUK KUSU Branch

resuscitation of the dead TUK KUSU Branch

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!

Why this petition matters


The constitution and the labour relations acts providefor workers roght to join a trade union whose principe purpose is to regulate relations between workers and employers.The union is supposed to ensure  for the following :

  1. fight for better working conditionand fair renumeration to its members 
  2. advocate for sound working relations between employee and employer
  3. timely collecting agreement signing and ensuring total implimentation 
  4. promote equal pay with equal work and ensure non discrimnative promotions
  5. protect workers against unfair administrative actions
  6. prudent use of members funds 

This matter involve the workers of the Technical university of Kenya and the elected TU-K  KUSU Branch officials,due to gross incompetence the members have failed to get the Annual leave allowance,Stalled promotions,Non total implimentation of signed local CBA plus the National one etc

The TU-K KUSU Branch members need to pass a vote of no confidence to the entire team for sleeping on the job and making things go out of hand and have new dedicated leaders who will revamp and rescuscitate the dead union.Members have the power to change through siging this petition which is over due.

If the pettition succeed we shall ensure that the above six key boards are implimented in total without hestation however if we "Rega Rega " and the petition fails ,it will mean loosing the allowances and more approved cash for the next four years.

Our request for you is to act first and fast to return the union to the up growth trahectory.....INAWEZEKANA....the bees which have inaded the hive must be removed in order to have a test of the honey.........Solidarity forever!!!!


7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!