Resume international departing flights to allow non Indian residents to return home

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I am among many non Indian citizens caught in the lockdown in India that began on March 24. I travelled to India from the U.S. with my elderly parents for a planned 4-week-visit and am unable to return to my home with no idea of when international flights will resume. 

We understand the need for the "lockdown" to reduce spread of the Corona virus We have since patiently dealt with the lockdown with no assistance at home and reduced access to needed health care.  However as the lockdown and the lack of clarity regarding when we will be able to return to the safety of our home in the U.S.A. continues, the professional and personal  losses to our family wellbeing are also mounting.  I am unable to continue my work due to time and other logistic hurdles while in India. My parents have already missed two important healthcare appointments due to the extension of the lockdown on April 14.  Concern about our health and wellbeing mount as even basic needed services related to electricity and plumbing are not allowed in the New Delhi area.The over-reaching restrictions of this lockdown that prevent any movement at all of people, however, negatively impacts a non resident family’s ability to provide a safe and comfortable environment for aged parents.

Please resume commercial international departing flights to enable residents of other countries to return to their homes. Our homes, jobs, health benefits, families and well-being are all at stake being so far away from our own homes.  Special chartered (repatriation) flights are out of the reach for many due to high costs and a greater demand than our home governments can fulfill.  Please consider the suffering of many other non India residents like us, who at this time of crisis, need to be in the safety of our own homes and with access to our own healthcare system and doctors who have cared for us.The Indian Government has repeatedly appealed to the public to take special care of the elderly.

Being in a lockdown that completely precludes all options for an individual to return to their home, increases mental distress, is detrimental to their wellbeing, and increases risk of negative health consequences.  These risks to the wellbeing of elderly individuals must be considered as an ethical issue and efforts be made to minimize such risks while balancing the benefits of a lockdown to reduce spread of the novel corona virus infection.  Allowing non residents to leave India may indeed be better to focus limited resources at this time of health crisis on Indian residents and citizens.