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Restriction of UNEXPECTED Year-Round Fireworks

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Do unexpected fireworks affect you or someone you love?

Please sign our petition to restrict unexpected fireworks in New Albany, Indiana, and/or Floyd County, Indiana.

Do unexpected fireworks:
-startle you, keep you awake, and cause undue stress?
-trigger a traumatic memory that causes a frightening reaction?
-wake your young children, who you then have to console through the tears?
-terrorize your family member with mental health concerns?
-terrify your pets and cause them to react in a negative way?


Unexpected fireworks are fireworks bought and used by consumers on non-holiday days, and they can cause distress and anxiety. Unexpected fireworks often occur in the evenings and dark, and are allowed up to 11pm. These unexpected fireworks cause problems with those who have asthma (smoke), PTSD, anxiety, health concerns, animals (inside and outside), and more when they were not planned or expected; the people affected did not have the opportunity to plan to be away, stay indoors, bring pets inside, and to avoid the area like they would if they needed to during the national holidays of New Years Eve and the Fourth of July.

Planned Holiday Fireworks are fireworks that occur on New Years Eve and the Fourth of July. There are other local holidays that public firework displays are used, and those fireworks are restricted to a specific location. Local fireworks restricted to a specific location only cause stress and anxiety to those near that radius, and are not unexpected as the public is informed prior to the date that they will occur. Consumers do not inform the public as to when they will be using fireworks, and therefore they are unexpected unless on the two national holidays of New Years Eve and the Fourth of July.

Holiday Fireworks can be avoided by people who have problems with fireworks as they can plan to not be home around the holiday, request additional medical support, or acquire coping mechanisms for that specific time frame. People often prepare for fireworks on national holidays that are New Years Eve and the Fourth of July, and even at times people might prepare for the directly adjacent days to a holiday, such as up to 2 days before and up to 2 days after a holiday. People are not often prepared for the unexpected explosions of fireworks on days that are not holidays or adjacent to a holiday. People most affected by fireworks are veterans, emergency personnel, people who suffered from domestic violence, people with health concerns (such as asthma, hearing issues, autism, mental health, learning disabilities, dementia, and more), babies and young children, and pets.


What does our city say about consumer fireworks?

The New Albany, IN, Code of Ordinances Chapter 96: Noise Control 96.02 states that “Sounds associated with consumer fireworks permitted by state law under I.C. 22-11-14”,  ”Lawn mowers, weed blowers, garden tractors, construction and repair equipment, go-carts, power tools" are allowed to be used between the hours of " 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. only, and "garbage collection" is allowed between the hours of "6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m." The sounds of lawn equipment and garbage collection does not cause the distress or anxiety that fireworks cause, however their time frame is restricted daily; fireworks can cause extreme distress and are not restricted except by the state, as read next.

What does the state law say about fireworks?

Indiana code 22-11-14-6 states that fireworks are allowed to be ignited, discharged, or used by someone 18 or older after 9am and until 11pm "except on a holiday (as defined in IC 1-1-9-1(a)) or December 31, on which dates consumer fireworks may not be ignited, discharged, or used after midnight". 

There is no ordinance on the noise control of fireworks except a time limitation of up to 11pm regardless of a weekday or weekend night year round. The restriction of allowing consumer fireworks to be ignited, discharged, and used up to 2 days prior/after, and on the specific holidays of News Years Eve and the Fourth of July themselves, will provide consumers with 5 days to celebrate the holiday and to partake in the use of consumer fireworks. The restriction will limit the use to just 5 days, which allows those who have to problems with fireworks to have a defined time frame to work through their concerns about fireworks. Consumer fireworks need to be restricted to just those two national holidays for fireworks (plus adjacent 2 days before/after) to fully avoid unexpected firework noise.


This petition was written by a mom of a young special needs child who struggles to understand what fireworks are and why their noise is so intense and terrifying. Our child struggles during thunderstorms, and we are proactive in watching and preparing for the weather. Our child struggles even discussing the word firework, and the mention of them will cause stress and crying. We prepare for the two national holidays, as fireworks are expected and we know that the rest of our community is celebrating as a whole. Unexpected fireworks though cause our family undue problems as we are obviously not prepared for the stress and anxiety that it will cause our child, and the unexpected consumer fireworks also cause problems during the days after those evenings as our child is still stressed and exhausted from the previous night; we are also of course then stressed and exhausted, which causes problems with school and work functioning as well.

This petition was not created to limit the use fireworks on the national holidays of New Years Eve and the Fourth of July, but to limit the use of unexpected fireworks during the remainder of the year (allowing a grace period of up to 2 days prior to the holiday and up to 2 days after the holiday).

This petition agrees with the time constraint of 9am to 11pm on the adjacent days, and 9am to midnight on the actual day of the holiday.

This petition was created to restrict the use of UNEXPECTED consumer fireworks in the city of New Albany, Indiana, and/or in the county of Floyd County, Indiana, on days that are not a specific holiday, or adjacent to said holiday, due to the stress that it causes.

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