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Restrict the height for construction of apartments on Glenbourne Drive in Oshawa

Fellow residents of Oshawa, it has come to our attention that, contrary to what residents have been told for the past 10 years, a developer is planning to erect 8-storey rental apartment buildings in Northeast Oshawa, at the corner of Glenbourne Drive and Benson Street, right in the middle of our neighbourhood. Residents of the Glenbourne Drive and MaciNally Court area feel they were deliberately misled and duped into buying property with the understanding that a 4-storey retirement home would be built behind the Cineplex Odeon theatre. It recently came to light that the developer intends to build these monstrous towers, which will be an affront to the current aesthetic of the Northeast Oshawa landscape.

Unfortunately, due to a 2003 ruling by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), this land has been zoned High Density Residential, and this we cannot change. As a result, this neighbourhood has fallen victim to disasterous urban planning. However, City Council has the power to approve the building design plans and therefore has the power to restrict the height while respecting the OMB ruling.

As residents of Oshawa, we are calling on all of you to help us let City Council know that we expect them to fulfill their obligations and represent their constituents. Together we are asking them to fulfill their mandate and fix the mistakes made in the past by restricting the height of these buildings.

Here is your chance to let City Council know how you feel about poor urban planning and protecting our beautiful landscapes. These high volume buildings will destroy our property values, will impair our quality of life, will cause traffic problems, will pose a safety risk to our children, will put a strain on local infrastructure, and WILL NOT be tolerated. If it can happen here in Northeast Oshawa, it can happen anywhere, and we need to unite to ensure that City Council listens to its residents. Please sign our petition and then forward it to everyone you know. This will let City Council know that the citizens of Oshawa care about the proper planning and development of our neighbourhoods. We need to send a clear message and make sure that our voices are heard!


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  • City of Oshawa
    Mayor's office
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    Doug Sanders
  • Regional and City Councillor
    Nester Pidwerbecki
  • Regional and City Councillor
    John Neal
  • Regional and City Councillor
    Tito-Dante Marimpietri
  • Regional and City Councillor
    Amy England
  • Regional and City Councillor
    Nancy Diamond
  • Regional and City Councillor
    Bob Chapman
  • City Councillor
    Roger Bouma
  • Regional and City Councillor
    John Aker
  • Mayor, City of Oshawa and Council
    John Henry
  • City Councillor
    Bruce Wood

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