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Clarence Emerson
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Turtleboy Sports is a recognized media outlet out of Massachusetts responsible for uncovering unprecedented amounts of corruption. Because of their stories the four highest ranking members of the Massachusetts State Police had to resign in disgrace:

Turtleboy Sports had a Facebook page with over 112,000 follower which was shut down on November 28, 2017 because someone mass reported our profile picture. The image was a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving painting and was deemed to be sexually violent. Since then the trolls have reported every new page Turtleboy creates, triggering Facebook AI that shuts down the pages. Some things that have gotten pages taken down include a profile picture that says, "Happy New Years," a picture of a Christmas tree, a post that reads, "peace, love, and happiness to all," a picture of the American flag, and a Yarmouth Police Dept badge in honor of murdered police officer Sean Gannon. Here are some other examples as reported by Market Watch:

If Turtleboy Sports was posting content that violated Facebook's terms of service then they should stay down. However, none of the things they've been removed for are violations, and 32 pages have been removed in the last 9 months. Facebook advertises itself as a platform where people can discuss political issues, current events, and exchange ideas. But when they censor informative websites like Turtleboy Sports by allowing mobs of trolls to mass report them for sexual violence and hate speech, they are taking that away from innocent people.

Facebook is the public square. Over 68% of Americans use it on a daily basis. It's where the President makes policy announcements, where the police make announcements about safety issues, and where celebrities and media communicate with followers. Although we understand the need to shut down accounts that promote violence and terrorism, we should all be on guard against censorship of opinions in the public square, regardless of whether or not we disagree with them. 

We urge Facebook to restore Turtleboy Sports Facebook original page and all pages created thereafter. 

Examples of Investigative work done by Turtleboy Sports can be found here:

Some of the many examples of ridiculous things we have been shut down or censored for on Facebook can be found here: