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Restore the Pell Grant!!

It unfairly penalizes students with learning disabilities, and severely disadvantages low income students who are one or two semesters away from graduation. It will prevent many from being able to complete their degrees, and diminishes their chances of increasing their earning potential. It sets people up for a future of financial hardship, as they are forced into low wage jobs, and will be burdened with the added expense of paying off student loans, whose purpose is made null if these students are not permitted to complete their degrees. Without the pell grants, many will be forced to leave school to pay the bills, and their years of hard work and sacrifice will have all been in vain because of heartless, greedy legislation, that cares nothing of the people it exists to serve. Don't destroy the lives of thousands who are at the very crossroads of success. This is a serious violation and disservice to many who deserve better. The political is personal. Too personal.

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