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Hi Friends, 

I have an urgent, and simple, request. Hopefully by now, you've heard that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is facing a serious funding shortfall, totalling $5 billion. Unless more money is contributed to the Global Fund in the next few months, existing and future grants are at risk of being cut by 25%. The stakes couldn't be higher. We need your help to make sure the US contributes its fair share for 2009, which means $1 billion in additional funds beyond what has already been approved.

Can you take 10 seconds in the next 24 hours to email President Obama and ask him to include $1 billion for the Global Fund in a supplemental spending bill this Spring?

Unlike the big banks and investment companies that have been before Congress in the last year with their hands out, the Global Fund did not mismanage its money; rather the Fund exceeded expectations and outperformed themselves. This financial shortfall is a result of success, not negligence. Isn't it time, we as a country, rewarded that? We must provide the Global Fund with a commitment for $1 billon in the emergency supplemental.

Ask President Obama to include $1 billion in the defense emergency supplemental to help fill the Global Funds funding gap.

Many groups that RESULTS works closely with are also emailing the White House. If we all take 10 seconds in the next 24 hours to email President Obama, we can show that thousands of people across this country support the US spending money to not just bail out big banks, but also to save millions of lives.

It's easy. 10 seconds to help win $1 billion to save lives - what could be easier than that.

Thank you

Ken Patterson

The Global Fund's website is :

Letter to
President of the United States
I am writing to request that you include $1 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in any supplemental spending bill that comes up this Spring. The Global Fund is facing a serious financial crisis, but this one is not due to mismanagement or failure of leadership. Instead, it is due to over-performance.

The Global Fund works in nearly 140 countries to provide funding for programs to address HIV, TB and malaria. Two years ago, the Global Fund’s board, on which the US has a seat, voted to triple the size of the Fund to a $6-8 billion-per-year fund. Recently, the Fund’s board approved a funding round that was three times the size of previous rounds. This was due to bigger and better quality grant applications from countries. Because of this increase in size, the Fund has limited money available to fund future rounds. In fact, the Global Fund has already had to delay one round of funding by six months, and may have to cancel an entire round unless additional funds are contributed soon.

This dramatic increase in size shows that countries took seriously the challenge to improve grants. Now we need to respond in kind and increase our contribution to the Fund like we committed to do two years ago.

In 2009, the US in on track to contribute approximately $900 million to the Fund. But this is $1 billion short of our fair-share based on the size of our economy, and increasing our contribution, through any emergency supplemental spending bill, will help to leverage additional contributions from other wealthy nations. In fact, historically for every dollar the US contributes, other countries contribute two more.

The Global Fund is at a crossroads. Will we continue to under-support the Global Fund, as has happened during the Bush administration? Or will we step up and support a multilateral approach to fighting these three killer diseases, and meet this financial challenge head-on by including $1 billion for the Fund in any supplemental spending bill this Spring?

If we do not increase our contribution to the Global Fund, to match the need expressed by poor countries, then existing and future grants could be cut by as much as 25%. This massive cut, coupled with delayed and possible cancelled rounds of funding, will mean more sickness, and more death, for poor countries already struggling to deal with disease.

I hope you will include $1 billion in any supplemental spending bill this spring for the Fund.

Thank you,

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