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The Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) was slashed by 70 percent in 2011, and that action will have a big impact on working families who are struggling to pay the bills, raise their kids, and get to work. We need to invest in the future of families and children in order to make Greater Detroit greater.

Join us in asking the Michigan Legislature to restore the EITC. It’s proven to be among the most effective anti-poverty tools at our disposal, with demonstrated effectiveness at getting parents back to work, helping kids succeed in school, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

The EITC is a modest investment that makes a critical difference. It’s time for Michigan to put working families first. Sign the petition to Michigan lawmakers asking them to restore the EITC.

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Because of the 2011 reduction in the state EITC, hundreds of thousands of working families in Michigan will see their taxes rise by an average of 300 dollars this year. Just those few hundred dollars can be critical for families in our community. In past years, the state credit was responsible for keeping 14,000 children out of poverty. But after being cut by 70 percent, it will help only about 5,000 children live above the poverty line.

The EITC encourages work while helping families through tough times and is one of the most effective anti-poverty policies at our disposal. It was enacted in bipartisan effort, and supports working families all around the state, in rural areas as well as our urban centers and suburbs.

Restoring the EITC is a modest investment that would make an immediate and tangible difference in our community. Most families use their tax credit to obtain basic necessities, like food, child care, and transportation to work. Because EITC funds circulate quickly through local economies, each dollar refunded generates about $1.67 in new earnings for Michigan residents.

The credit has important long-term effects, as well. The modest income boost it provides to low-income families makes a sustained difference in children’s education, earnings, and life outcomes.

We cannot afford to ignore such a simple, effective program that so many families depend on to stay out of poverty. Please fight to invest in working families and restore the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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