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The state budget was due April 1 and is now more than two months overdue.

Please contact your state elected representatives now, by signing our petition to the NY Governor and the State Legislature, urging them to restore the entire $1.4 billion that the Governor proposed cutting from the state education budget, by raising taxes on millionaires.

If you like, you can edit the letter to add the following options, suggested by electeds and advocates to raise more funds for education and other social programs:

- taxes on sugary sodas

- windfall taxes on excessive Wall Street bonuses

You can also change the message in any way you like, and/or add more details to make it more personal.


Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters

Letter to
New York State House
New York State Senate
New York Governor
The state budget is now more than two months overdue. It is time for you to act. The $1.4 billion that the Governor has proposed cutting from our schools is simply unacceptable. These huge budget cuts would sharply raise class sizes, cause the loss of after-school and tutoring programs, and hurt our children badly.

We urge you to restore these cuts immediately by passing a budget that raises taxes on millionaires -- who can surely afford it -- and provides other sources of needed revenue, rather than severely damaging the education of our children and their chance of future success.

Supporting education is the best economic policy any state can have; and is the right thing to do.


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