Restore Social SecurityTBI,AutismEpilepticDementia since age 6mo taken back away15yrsAgo

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My son has been having seizures in numbers in the last few months. He has been disabled since the age of 6mo from a car accident.He has been disabled since the age of 6-month-old with a Trachea due to subglottic stenosis and TBI no frontal brain function, Epilepsy, Autism, Dementia, Psychosis, Schizophrenia and no sight in right eye and weak body function on the right side. I took care him alone then He got Trache Removed at  5yrs but still has Bilateral vocal cord Paralysis and the state helped back then when he was younger, then his father died when he was 5 and he became fatherless and I had all the care on me. We received money from survival which helped pay for meds which were costly and others to help care for him.But they cut the funds off at his age 11 for a false report by someone trying to hurt us but Social Security didn't verify it and I appealed and they spoke with the attorney and told me they would start the fund back in the mail. buts they never returned them someone changed our address in the State of Illinois DHS and Social Security system at least 6 times to addresses we never resided and we were not aware of them, but we later find out his Identity is being used also and he couldn't get the proper help. We have appealed then they change it to SSI years in the process and still denied him. Knowing he is truly disabled and has been for his whole life since 6 months old. We have tried to fight over and over but has been constantly harassed by the DHS employees and slandered while I try and care for him and keep myself healthy as a caregiver while sacrificing my own career-business and health been a 15yr  plus battle that is getting worst and my son seizures and memory and meds are costing more money and time from my life so I can not continue to pay for them and take care of him while being abused by employees of DHS. We had to make a choice meds or a place to live!  I would pay for meds. So thank God for Provision. But the fact is He was disabled before his Dad died so the money from the Survivor Benefits should have never stopped please help us get to the bottom of this while someone uses his identity and had used mines as well. Please help us! My son cant take generics as well as the harassment of these employees of DHS is affecting him as well it makes him have more seizures and lose more memory everytime he has a seizure.  I really need help he is 28 and has the mind of a 7-12yr old socially. I keep him clean and well fed and in a safe environment so I do my part I am asking you all to please help me and him.  I had to halt my career/business due to circumstance surrounding his case that was supporting my son and me to take care of him and his needs. He needs 24-hour care due to his condition. He cant function well alone he lacks skills and forgets where he is so much. Please help us Resolve this Issue. I am asking for signatures, not money! Thanks in Advance if you can sign if not I understand. I leave God in Control #