Restore right turn lanes in Fremont

Restore right turn lanes in Fremont

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Why this petition matters

Started by Raghuram Sudhaakar

Last year the fremont city started eliminating right turn lanes as part of the Vision zero plan 2020.(

Vision Zero has introduce many good things for pedestrian and cyclist safety like flashing light at crossings and safety cones around bike lanes etc. 

However, the elimination of right turn lanes is one that is causing increased congestion in a situation where traffic is and will continue increasing with the the density of population. The increased speed of vehicles using the right turn lanes was cited as the major issue for causing vehicle-pedestrian/cyclist collisions. However, in a practical scenario pedestrians could cross the main road without interfering with vehicles turning right in the right turn lanes. The interaction between vehicle and pedestrain/cyclist was only in the right right turn lane. Now, vehicles in their hurry to make the right turn are ignoring crossing pedestrians as waiting for the pedestrians to cross mean the light goes red again. This is possibly more dangerous for pedestrian/cyclists than it was before. 

There are many way to reduce the speed of vehicles in right turn lanes, speed bumps, enforcement, cameras etc. 

This petition is an effort to get the city to

1) Stop further implementation of the right turn lane elimination.

2) Reassess the situation, collect data on the actual performance in terms of congestion and pedestrian safety improvements. 

3) Evaluate alternate methods for improving pedestrian and cyclist safety while keeping the right turn lanes

21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!