The middle Great Lakes have now set a new record low for December and are in Crisis. Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are losing 10 BILLION GALLONS PER DAY due to erosion of the St Clair River!

Specifically, erosion and semi-annual dredging of the St. Clair River bed is causing excess outflow from the Upper Great Lakes through the lower lakes and out to the Atlantic. The resulting reduced water levels have dried up wetlands and exposed shorelines are being taken over by the huge invasive reed Phragmites autralis.

The consequence is a rapidly deteriorating ecosystem, with fish and waterfowl dying, massive algal blooms, stranded cottages boathouses and docks, dry marinas and ships carrying 25% less loads.

The economic and ecological impacts have now reached Chicago. The Chicago River level is now almost level with Lake Michigan so that when the locks are open the river or canal water heavily polluted with untreated raw sewage is now going out to Chicago's waterfront. The problem was caused by humans and is solvable.

Letter to
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Government of Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper
and 1 other
United States Government President Obama
I am writing to request that you take action on the erosion crisis in the Middle Great Lakes. The erosion is a result of historical and semi-annual dredging of the St. Clair River bed. The consequence is a rapidly deteriorating ecosystem impacting wetlands, water quality, fish and waterfowl, massive algal blooms, stranded cottage boathouses and docks, and dry marinas. The problem was caused by humans and is solvable.

A cost effective, well-engineered, viable solution is available, called submerged sills or speed bumps. The proposal is for sills to be installed along the St. Clair River to reduce the water flow, without impairing shipping or fish habitat. The cost: $100-200M over several years.

Citizens around the lakes are requesting you to work with the Canadian and United States Government to implement the installation of submerged sills in the St Clair River to restore water levels gradually and responsibly.

This serious problem warrants your active attention. Please use your considerable influence to get our water levels restored.

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