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Update February, 2013

Rita Desollar
Pekin, IL

Feb 16, 2013 — Update 01/15/2013 WE HAVE BEEN HEARD! A few manufacturers have voluntarily recalled some of their products. Waggin' Train recalled their treats because a laboratory in New York found ingredients in them that should NOT have been there! But, Nestle has said the recall is "temporary" and they plan to put the products back on the shelves. How can we ever trust them again??

Our work is not done. It will not be done until EVERY SINGLE BAG of any treat Made in China is OFF our trusted store's shelves and they STAY off. They are ALL dangerous.

Please keep sharing and please keep signing! Your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for this campaign has been nothing short of awe-inspring.

Heidi has been waiting at the Rainbow Bridge since May, 2012. I know she's proud of our efforts to save other fur-babies from her fate. I miss her so much still ... every. single. day. :'( Thank you all again, so very much for helping me.

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