Petition Update

40,000!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Rita Desollar
Pekin, IL

Sep 16, 2012 — Four months ago my dog died and I didn't know why. And now, here you all are. 40,000 of you helping me get this message spread so no more dogs need to die senselessly like Heidi did. Thank you for helping me get Heidi's voice heard all the way from the Rainbow Bridge. We are STRONG. We are UNITED. We are FIERCE. And we WILL NOT STOP until the stores RESTORE OUR TRUST and take the treats that they KNOW are dangerous off their shelves!
Here is another powerful video to share and get the message spread. Terry S is a very close friend of mine who lost her dog Sampson to poisonous jerky treats. And Heidi is in here, too 3:29