Petition Update

BONeJOUR Pet Supply Discontinuing Dogswell Made in China Jerky Treats

Rita Desollar
Pekin, IL

Sep 13, 2012 — DON'T TELL US IT CAN'T BE DONE!!!
Thank you, Noe Bunnell, owner of BONeJOUR Pet Supply, a small (four employees I was told, including her) pet supply store in Philadelphia, PA for putting MORALITY before MONEY when it comes to our furry family members. Noe (who has signed and supported this petition herself) says:

"I can't morally continue to sell these treats if there is the ... possibility that they will make my canine customers sick, or worse... . I can only hope that I will gain another customer who trusts me to ... make sure their pets are protected..."

Thank you, Noe and BONeJOUR for being a retailer we can TRUST!


Show us that you are retailers we can TRUST! Take the dangerous treats off your shelves.

Read the rest of Noe's blog here:

And you can leave your own personal thank you for her on Facebook: BONeJOUR