Petition Update

I have been reading your comments - thank you

Bella Dinh-Zarr
Washington, DC

Oct 17, 2012 — Hi again everyone,

.I just sent you a very long email asking you to email, call, and tweet to SAVE SCHOOL LIBRARIANS. But I neglected to say that I have been reading your comments and I am so moved by them - I hope you will share your compelling reasons why librarians are important when you communicate with the Mayor and Chancellor.

Just in case, the emails for the Mayor, Chancellos, and City Council are:,,,,

Please feel free to copy me on your email or tweet if you like (Email and Twitter @dinhzarr). I'd love to see what you send and just hear from you. And perhaps for those of you in DC, I will see you on Friday in front of the Mayor's Office for the protest - stop by anytime 9am-2pm!

Thank you again for supporting this fight for the education of our children. Sincerely, Bella Dinh-Zarr