Petition Update

Mayor mocks us but we still reached 2500 signatures!

Bella Dinh-Zarr
Washington, DC

Sep 24, 2012 — THANK YOU! Thanks to you, we reached our goal of 2500 signatures this weekend! Perhaps it is a huge leap, but do you think we can reach 5000 signatures now? DC Mayor Gray has mocked us publicly and says it is just "hyperbole" to say librarians are essential. Please help show he is wrong by asking your friends to sign our petition:

If you live in DC, please contact your DC Council Member and tell him/her you support the Evans Bill to put a librarian in every school. Thank you to everyone who has already written to the DC City Council.

By the way, Ms. Woodard, my son's former school librarian now "excessed" and no longer officially the librarian - on her own time - took students to the National Book Festival. Now that is dedication.

All best, Bella