Petition Update

Chancellor Henderson still doesn't believe every school needs a librarian

Bella Dinh-Zarr
Washington, DC

Aug 17, 2012 — Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your amazing support of the Save School Librarians effort! We surpassed our 1500 goal. A group of parents and a school librarian met with Chancellor Henderson today and it was disappointing. She seemed impressed (and perhaps a bit surprised) when we presented her with a thick pile of signatures. The Chancellor told us that she did not think that a librarian was needed in every school (citing a few schools with good reading scores that preferred to use their librarian funding for something else) and her leadership style was to leave the decision to principals. I disagree. And I think you probably disagree, too. School librarians should NOT be discretionary! We urged her to put a librarian in every school before the start of this school year, but she only promised to start a library task force to study the situation. We have not given up. Please email me with your suggestions on how to fight! Thank you, Bella -