Restore Joint Custody & Encourage Shared Parenting

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The court has suspended joint custody of my children due to the detection of THC in my nail beds. This does not make sense to me because I have not used drugs illegally or in the presence of my children. In the last year, I have been to Colorado at least ten times. I have been to Nevada, California, Oregon twice and Washington as well. That is five states where marijuana is legal recreationally. Now, here we are in Oklahoma where the people have spoken and SQ788 passed. While they can harass me a little right now, it is soon going to be a violation of my constitutional rights (New Law Section 6 D).

In the past year and a half, I have endured great scrutiny as a father. There have been multiple false accusations made against me by the same entity, and some that have required the Department of Human Services to come into my home and inquire about those accusations. Imagine that, nearly a quarter century of being a father without any involvment of DHS, but suddenly in the past year, multiple accusations that are completely out of character for me coming from the team that wants me to just be a "sperm donor" and go away. The accusations have ranged from sexual misconduct to using illicit drugs in the presence of my children. After each assessment performed by DHS at my home, the final outcome has been that no evidence is found to substantiate the claim. Even with the seriousness of the accusations, the inquiries have never even reached an investigation status because they are so outlandish.

Here is an example of an email sent to me by the first DHS worker that came into my home:

"Mr. Waldron,

Forgive me I forgot that the referral we had for you was an assessment and not an investigation. DHS has two types of cases, one is an investigation which means the allegations are concerning and there is a report sent to the district attorney for review. At that time based on DHS’s report to the district attorney, the DA can choose to make the case court involved if the level of imminent risk is high enough. We also have assessments which basically means DHS is asked to go to the home, speak with every one, gather information and assess the situation to see if the safety concern rises to the level of needing an investigation. In your case the agency did not feel the reported allegations rose to level of an investigation so the referral was closed. Attached is the letter stating the assessment was concluded. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me."

The last accusation was that I was using LSD in the presence of my children. Let me make something very clear. I DO NOT USE ANY DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AROUND MY CHILDREN.  On the last report, which is now in the hands of the Tulsa Family Courts, the children told the DHS worker during an interview that "they have never seen dad smoke pot, but mom tells them he does it."  This was the first time the children have been interviewed without their mother being present or having a chance to influence their answers to the DHS investigators questions.

I am asking for help from my friends and family. Please show your support for restoring Joint Custody and encouraging Shared Parenting. Please help me encourage the other side to cease their harmful activities of Parental Alienation and false accusations. Please help me encourage peace and harmony for our family and well-being of our children by showing your support. Please help me show the courts that my people believe in me as a father and that my children deserve to experience both parents equally.

Please sign my petition and share your thoughts as we move closer to the Emergency Hearing on July 10th @ 1:30pm in Room 348 of the Tulsa Courthouse. Thank you to everyone who believes that children need to experience the love and presence of both parents. I have been a father for nearly 26 years and it is a role that I honor and value with every ounce of my being. 

Thank you to everyone willing to show up at the courthouse that day. The support and responses I have been receiving are very encouraging.


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