Restore Fairness to the Supreme Court

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In 2016 the hyper-partisan system for selecting Supreme Court justices was not merely abused by Mitch McConnell, it was broken.

A bi-partisan committee of Senate moderates consisting of 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans should be convened to select 8 pairs of nominees (1 Democratic selection and 1 Republican selection) along with a 9th pair consisting of 1 Democratic selection and Justice Merrick Brian Garland.  These 18 nominees will then be provided to President Biden for nomination to the Senate - to be voted on in pairs as noted above.  Refusal by the Republicans to participate would only cede their selections to the Democrats.

With this truly bi-partisan expansion from 9 Justices to 27; past wrongs would be largely undone, the potency and ensuing rancor of future selections would be greatly reduced and equilibrium to the bench would be not just restored, but made stable for the first time in living memory.

Should Democrats succeed in reclaiming leadership of both the White House and the Senate, we call on them to prioritize not just working to heal the rifts and divisions that so threaten our republic, but to correct and remedy the system and procedures that encouraged those divisions in the first place.

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