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Petitioning Restaurants serving Veal and Foie Gras in Jacksonville, FL

Restaurants serving Veal and Foie Gras in Jacksonville, FL: Please stop endorsing extreme animal cruelty

They are considered culinary delicacies by many. However veal and foie gras are two of the cruelest dishes ever dreamt up by the Italian and French.

Veal attracts criticism for methods used to rear the young calves, such as the 'growing stall', a form of housing which limits the animals' muscle development for more tender meat. Foie gras is made from the liver of a goose or duck that has been especially fattened through force-feeding.

The Girls Gone Green would like to see an end to both of these dishes in Northeast Florida. Our position is to not promote on any restaurant that continues to serve such cruel options. We hope that will help encourage restaurants to find alternatives to these foods.

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Restaurants serving Veal and Foie Gras in Jacksonville, FL
I’m contacting you regarding the veal and/or foie gras listed on your menu. Arizona, Colorado, California, Maine and Michigan have all passed laws banning veal crates and California recently passed a law banning foie gras. On behalf of the Northeast Florida community, I am asking you to join these efforts and stop selling veal and/or foie gras.

Veal has been a part of Italian and French cuisine for a very long time, and many people cite ‘tradition’ as the reason for continuing to prepare and eat veal, despite the consistent and increasing controversy over the inhumane rearing and treatment of veal calves. Most commonly, calves are separated from their mothers at birth (a process that is continually deemed traumatizing), most within the first few hours of their life.

They are kept in crates which isolate them entirely and restrict their movement to prevent muscle development (which impacts the taste of the meat). For example, the average veal calf cannot even turn around in their crate. These same calves may be slaughtered anywhere from a few days old to 18 weeks of age. These calves almost certainly spend their entire short lives indoors, experience serious sensory and emotional deprivation, and are highly susceptible to stress and therefore illness.

Foie gras inflicts terrible pain and suffering on ducks and geese. It involves force-feeding the birds until their livers become grotesquely enlarged, up to 10 times their normal size. Force-fed birds often suffer injuries to their bills, throats, and stomachs, such as bruising and lacerations, and they develop life-threatening diseases, including fatty liver disease (that’s what foie gras is–a disease), as well as gastrointestinal diseases and blockages, spleen and blood disorders, and respiratory illnesses.

Today’s consumer is exhibiting more and more interest in spending their money on ethical and sustainable products, that are free of obvious controversy. This would be a wonderful time to consider broadening your offerings to include dishes that accommodate vegetarian and vegan diners. Many Florida restaurants such as Sublime, Present Moment Cafe and Yard House offer a variety of plant-based meals that appeal to a wide variety of customers. Restaurants are realizing that it makes sense to offer vegetarian options on their menus, considering the growing number of people eating plant-based foods and the many people, both vegetarian and otherwise, who opt for meatless meals when they eat out.

Removing veal and/or foie gras from your menu would minimize the discomfort many potential consumers feel with the presence of abused animals on a restaurant’s menu.

If you agree to stop serving veal and/or foie gras, I assure you that the humane community will join forces to publicly celebrate this important step, and to highlight the menu offerings that appeal to them. A local non-profit, The Girls Gone Green would love to recommend your restaurant to potential customers through various outlets including their new online dining guide -

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

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