Southwestern Pennsylvania Restaurant and Tavern Association

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The Southwestern Pennsylvania Restaurant and Tavern Association

We are petitioning for the right to reopen our restaurants and taverns.  The restaurant industry is the third largest sector in our economy.  Since March 15th there have been 2,325,723 new unemployment cases and that number continues to rise daily.  Currently, almost 75% of all restaurant and tavern employees in PA are laid off and don’t know when their next paycheck is coming.  With employees being laid off and unable to pay their bills, unemployment money doesn’t get them through.  At 25 percent, businesses cannot pay their bills, even at 50 percent they can barely keep afloat. 

We as an association are asking the state to open us up, with the promise that we will follow the six feet rule.  We are committed to implementing all safety precautions, including sanitizing. Bringing our customers back to a safe environment is a priority for all of us.

With restaurants and bars closed across the state, or operating at just 25 percent capacity, the trickle-down effect is devastating. Affecting not just the restaurant owners and their staff, but the purveyors that supply the food and alcohol to these establishments. This cascades all the way down to the farmers and fisherman that are suppling food to be distributed across this state. 

We have all the proper training to serve our customers responsibly. We ask that you sign this petition to stand with your local restaurants in taking our rights back so we can open our doors and serve our community and family again.  We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and responsible way of running our establishments and we ask the public follow guidelines and be responsible as well so we can all get back to life as it use to be. 


We don’t want unemployment or handouts. We want to go back to work and do what we do best.


We all appreciate the support,

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Restaurant and Tavern Association