Allow all restaurants offering meal kits and groceries to accept SNAP benefits

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An estimated 50 million people will qualify for SNAP benefits this year due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, and restaurants that are providing uncooked, ready-to-prepare meal kits and groceries should be able to service those recipients. Restaurant curbside pick-up is a safe and contactless way for health-conscious shoppers to receive their food items, and would be a good alternative for many immuno-compromised SNAP recipients who are struggling to access their eligible benefits. Restaurants have been one of the hardest hit industries since the onset of the gathering restrictions, and they are also near and dear to so many of us that work in the industry and that patronize our local eateries. Allowing them to recover some revenue by providing eligible raw ingredients and ready-to-prepare meals to the large number of people receiving SNAP benefits would increase their odds of surviving the pandemic so they can continue to service their communities when we emerge from social distancing. Please join me in petitioning the USDA to allow this valid and beneficial use of SNAP funds.