Restart search for Jordan Naterer

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Jordan Naterer (25, male) a recent graduate from University of British Columbia was last seen on Oct. 10, 2020. Jordan had recently told his sister on the east coast as well as some friends in Vancouver that he had planned to do a solo hike over the weekend, but he didn’t leave a trip plan. When he didn’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Monday, his loved ones immediately knew something was wrong, saying it was completely out of character for the engineer and UBC grad. He was reported missing on Oct. 13, the morning after he didn’t show up for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends. His car was found parked at the Frosty Mountain Trailhead where he is believed to have set off on a hike. After someone reported spotting Jordan on the trail over Thanksgiving weekend, the search focused in on the area around where he was last seen.

On October 17th late night the family was  informed by the Vancouver police department and search and rescue team that they have exhausted all avenues for searching and have made the difficult decision to suspend the search. If they find any new clues or evidence as to Jordan's location, they would re-activate the search.

Early in the search, crews found a bag that - at the time - they didn't think belonged to Jordan. On Sunday (October 18th), Jordan's mother Josie identified the bag did belong to her son. The search for Jordan was suspended on Saturday, but Jordan's mother is hoping the discovery will convince crews to resume looking for the missing man. "They’re suspending the case because they couldn’t move the first marker from where the first witness saw Jordan, 20 minutes into the trail by his car," Jordan's mother said. "They said we can only regain the case if we can move the marker further. This bag that was found with a white trucker hat and Oakley glasses case, that is Jordan's." With this new discovery Jordan's mother and the family is seeing ray of hope and appealing to Vancouver Police, Hope Volunteer Search and Rescue, and all related departments in British Columbia to restart the search. 

Through this petition we are formally appealing to all parties involved in the search and rescue in the province of British Columbia to kindly restart the search as soon as possible. We especially appeal to Premier John Horgan in saving the life of this young man who has so much to contribute to the society.

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