Change iSchool's new dress code

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By signing this petition, we urge Responsive Education Solutions to either reinstate the old iSchool dress code, or produce a less restrictive one.

We believe that the new dress code is unfair and unfit for iSchool.

The reasoning behind it is stated as a “university style campus” but we are not in university. We are in high school. Let us be teenagers while we still can.

For certain jobs, you must wear a specific uniform. As a nurse, you typically wear scrubs, and as a lawyer, you typically wear a suit. We are not nurses or lawyers; we are students! Regardless, employers want creative thinkers, and dress codes restrict creativity.

Many of us are not in a financial situation where we can go out and buy new clothes that fit these restrictions. It seems unnecessary when we already own perfectly appropriate clothes. The money our parents will spend on polos and pants could be going toward more important things, such as bills, college savings, and simple necessities. The clothes will go to waste once we are done with high school, as many of us would never wear them anywhere else.

We urge you to consider allowing appropriate length skirts/dresses without leggings underneath, patterned clothing, and appropriate shirts that do not have collars or buttons. We also ask that you do not limit what colors we can and cannot wear.

The dress code last year made sense. The old iSchool embraced us for being unique. That is the true iSchool culture. Many students succeeded in the environment of the old school, and the number of signatures on this petition will prove that a less restrictive dress code would result in happier students, potentially leading to better work quality.

Dress codes are oppressive, and they tend to discriminate against people for their gender, culture, and religion. Dress codes suppress individuality instead of embracing it. They teach us that obedience and conformity are more important than creative thinking. Should conformity be the main goal of public schools? No. The main goal of public schools should be to teach.

Strict rules dictating what a student should wear tend to violate our freedom of speech, and they can violate our freedom of religious expression. They are outright sexist (i.e., boys cannot wear earrings but girls can). All of these factors result in strict dress codes doing more harm than good.

David L. Brunsma, a professor at Virginia Tech, took part in a study that analyzed 10th graders, and found “no effects of uniforms on absenteeism, behavioral problems, or substance use on campus.” He also found a “negative effect of uniforms on academic achievement.” Many other studies have shown negative results, as well.

Clothing is a way to express ourselves. How can we feel like ourselves wearing something we are unhappy and uncomfortable in? How can we be our best, hardworking selves when we are required to fit into your oppressive, restrictive dress code?

Dress codes can be detrimental to our self esteem. We can feel embarrassed and uncomfortable having to wear clothes that do not suit our body types. A study at Arizona State University found that “students from schools without uniforms reported higher self-perception scores than students from schools with uniform policies.”

A school is only as good as its students. We will be much happier wearing clothes we genuinely like. We urge you to listen to our concerns and reconsider the dress code. Our voices will not go unheard.

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