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The use of the Calvert Road School has the potential to impact the lives of surrounding neighborhoods in both positives and negative ways. Creating a properly balanced plan that optimizes the property and its impact on surrounding neighborhoods is essential to preserve the character of Calvert Hills and Old Town College Park.

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Letter to
City Council - City of College Park, Maryland

We the undersigned registered voters of the City of College Park, Maryland, being qualified to vote in municipal elections in the City of College Park, Maryland do hereby petition the Mayor and City Council.


In regard to the proposed opening of the College Park Academy at the city property known as the “Calvert Road School,” we request the following from the city council.

First, we request that the proposed school be limited to the following:
• No more than 300 students;
• Grades 6-8 only;
• Opening no sooner than Fall 2014.

Second, we request that the city demonstrate a plan that provides for the following:
• Limiting city expenditures on this project, including assigning to the county full financial responsibility for construction and renovation of the facility;
• Traffic management, resulting in no added congestion on Calvert Road and no excess traffic diverted onto Guilford, Wake Forest, and other surrounding streets;
• Assuring the safety of students and surrounding neighbors and property;
• A full, unbiased assessment of the learning outcomes associated with the educational model provided by Connections Academy, and a clear rationale for sending tax-payer money to a for-profit corporation.

Third, we urge the city council to consider other properties if the constraints of the Calvert Road School render it an unsuitable location for the College Park Academy.

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