Responsibly Manage Oil Production

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Oil drilling is very risky and has very bad effects on the environment. It is mandatory that oil production is responsibly managed since most oil drilling will destroy the environment. We must work out what oil production operation is safe and what should not be done.

In order to detect oil for offshore drilling, there are two extremely disruptive activities that can do this: sonar testing, which bounces off ocean floors to find oil, and seismic testing, which is so deafening that it can cause species to drop migration patterns and other habits.

One of the places threatened by oil drilling is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an important sanctuary for wildlife that has plans for oil drilling and seismic testing, which will have an awful negative impact on wildlife. There is also the Beaufort Sea, which the Bureau for Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will allow oil drilling in 2019. You can say NO to this by signing the petition and commenting here: Proposed Oil Lease 2019 Drilling Beaufort Sea.

The continental shelf is also at risk, a place where minerals are drilled for but a very important part of the ocean. The COAST Anti-Drilling Act will prevent this, but it needs more sponsors from the House of Representatives and the Senate for it to pass. Sign the petition to help protect it.

You should sign this petition because the environment is at risk, and that puts species including you at risk. Humans are very dependent on the ocean for many things, and responsible production of oil would help protect our world.

You can take action by:

1. Signing this petition and others that wish the same to happen. Signing this petition and others is crucial if you wish to help protect our environment from oil, and signing petitions will make a difference, a large one, even if it may seem small. You can find some petitions here, here, here, here, etc.
2. Promoting and sharing this petition. By chipping in a few dollars, or sharing this with your friends, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Please chip in a few dollars to keep the petition’s momentum!
3. Making a public comment against oil drilling in the Beaufort Sea. You can write a comment against oil drilling in the Beaufort Sea here.

What does this petition do?

We ask Senators and Representatives to sponsor the COAST Anti-Drilling Act, Clean Coast Act, Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act, and the Keep it in the Ground Act.

Request that BOEM and the Trump Administration be more responsible with oil drilling. Each time this will be used to help protect a different place/event.
Protect places from seismic testing, sonar testing, drilling, and other harmful activities that the production of oil requires.

Please sign the petition to help protect our land and oceans from oil today!