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Responsible In 1948; Responsible Today. The Time For An Apology Has Come.

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In view of the finding of the British High Court that:-

a. the British Government and not the Sultan of Selangor is legally responsible for the Scott Guards, their orders and the killings of 24 innocent men at Batang Kali in December 1948;

b. those killed were civilians not wearing any uniform, had no weapons and were a range of ages;

c. majority of the Scott Guards traced admitted that the killings were a murder;

d. it can no longer be permissible to conclude that the 24 men were shot when trying to escape;

e. the 1948-9 inquiry by the then Attorney General, on which the official account was based, has very serious weaknesses, and it was probable a cover up,

and that facts that:-

i. the British Parliament was misled based on the cover up ‘official account’ until today; and

ii. the families of those wrongfully killed had been destroyed, and they are suffering financially and emotionally for the past 64 years until today.

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