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Responsible Gun Ownership in America

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Gun Ownership in America is a right. To excersise our rights requires responsibility. This means to us, when you make the decision to purchase a gun, it is your responsibility to know how to use it for protection and personal use. How to keep it secure, avoid theft or use by others, not licensed or trained, who want to use it for the wrong reasons. Guns, like cars, have the potential for misuse and serious personal and property damage and ownership should require insurance coverage.

Federal laws should establish these responsibilities and use an agent, like the NRA, to train and license gun owners. This could include managing gun registry, knowing gun locations, providing training opportunities, verifying back ground checks, and includes anything else required for responsible gun ownership. 

The intention is not to restrict or prohibit gun ownership for personal protection or legal uses. The intent is for a safer America and sensible and responsible gun ownership. There is a requirement to track locations of guns in America, so that a group or person that has many, or is stock piling guns has to explain what there use is for the guns. This idea is not meant to take guns from somebody, but to make sure that proper responsibility has taken place. 

It is not good to have in America each week gun shootings, mass shootings, and regular reporting of irresponsible gun ownership. 

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